Tuesday, 4 June 2013

2b: The Lord's Prayer - Review

This is just words, words, words.

I tried saying the prayer every morning and evening for three days. I know it off by heart because we say it at every church service - and I go to church every week because my mum is a vicar! I didn't say it in any particular way, I just said it in my head.

I didn't understand the piles of boring writing, so I just said the prayer and then got on with getting up or going to sleep. I didn't find I thought about it much, I just said it.

I didn't really understand what any of it meant: the explanations were just a bunch of words. Last week the instructions on what to do were clear, but this didn't really tell me what to do.

Ease: depends what you mean. Saying the words was easy, but the exercise as whole was badly explained: 4/10.
Value/interest: 1/10.

We apologise for the delay but we were on holiday!

Miranda's comments:
A definite fail, here! I thought we'd better not do something all-singing all-dancing interactive every week, and include some more traditional prayer, but I think that was a mistake. Also, I shall make sure that I give much clearer instructions next time, and write less.

I wonder if this would work better in a group context, with the whole group rewriting the prayer phrase by phrase? If anyone tries this, do please let me know how it goes.

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  1. Hi Miranda, I've only recently discovered your blog but I thought I'd let you know I've done this activity with a youth group before. They re wrote the prayer phrase by phrase in groups of 3 and it worked really well. The best one was used in church the following week in place of the original. Might not have worked as you planned on an individual basis but it's a great one for groups. Becky :-)


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