Friday, 21 June 2013

4b: review of Lego Bible Study

Well, that was interesting! Noah and his younger brother (Toby, 8), did this one together, as Toby thought it sounded cool and didn't want to be left out.

Toby says: 'it was easy as pie. It made me think the story was very realistic'.

Noah, however, was not very impressed (something you may not be surprised by at this stage!):

'It didn't make me think very much, I just had an idea in mind of what I was going to build so I just built it. It was fun but I didnt think about it much. Probably because it was a story I already knew backwards.'

They scored it: Noah gave it 8/10 for ease, 2/10 for 'spiritual value/ made me think', whilst Toby gave it 10/10 for ease and 9/10 for value.

It was interesting discussing their models with them though. In fact, I think they were thinking about the story more than they realised. They paid close attention to the facial expressions of the models. Noah focused entirely on the scene of ambush and attack, and Toby on the acts of the kind stranger who helped the victim (and was very concerned to get the detail of paying money to the innkeeper in). Interestingly, neither made any reference to the passing by on the other side which we adults often make the primary focus of the story.

Both agreed, though, that my suggested story was stupid because it is so well known. They are going to try again with a different story.

In the meantime, though, here are their models:

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  1. This has just given me an idea ! Making a sequence of models is great alternative to drawing and drama. Thank you!


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