Friday, 12 June 2015

Views from the Pews

Reviews and reflections on the Teenage Prayer Experiment are beginning to come in, so I thought it might be helpful to note them here.

Here is a blog from London diocese about the launch event we there, and the experience of trying out some of the experiments: trying out the Teenage Prayer Experiment in London diocese.

And there is a full page review on page 3 of the Edinburgh Diocese Children's and Youth work newsletter this month: find the pdf here and turn the page!


  1. Thank you for an exciting resource. Are you happy for other churches to use your book to host an event similar to the London Diocese and have prayer stations set up for teenagers to try out?

    1. Certainly! Please do. And if you'd like to post any comments here that come out of that then that would be lovely.
      the whole point of writing the book was to get teenagers trying prayer in different ways, so I'm very keen to encourage this!


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