Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Colouring In: More Feedback

The book is being designed, proofed and prepared for publication as we speak! 
The best thing about putting all this together to be an actual book (a very interactive prayer journal for teenagers to have a go), has been getting feedback from a much wider group of teens than we had first imagined. We thought this would just be Noah and I doing this on our own, but youth groups around the country have been getting involved, as well as individual teenagers.

So I thought you might like to see some of the comments from this wider group, that are going into the book.
Here, for example, is some more people's views having tried the Colour In Your Prayers experiment .

8/10    I found that doing this really made the passage speak to me. It made me feel that God could really speak to me through his word, and it was a good way to help me focus on what God was saying. It might be an improvement next time to have a small space on the page to just draw anything God gave to you. (Jonny, 14)

8/10       I coloured in the Lord's Prayer. I would give it 8 out of 10 because it really helped me concentrate on what each word meant as I coloured them and it also helps to link the Lord's Prayer into my own life.
(Samantha, 16)

7/10    When I tried this experiment I found that it was very fun, but I still felt that the prayer was sinking in and it made me think of it in a new way. It made me feel relaxed. The thing I liked best was the simpleness of it. Next time I would try using a more memorable quotation, with less of the background image and more focus on just the words.
(Rachel, 15)

5/10     I found I often stopped paying attention to the task at hand, and I didn't feel anything. I liked the colouring, but didn't find it very engaging.
(Luke, 16)

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