Saturday, 2 August 2014

Noah's Review of Breathing Meditation


This was definitely not as easy as some of the other experiments but it was a very nice experience.

I did get distracted and kept finding myself being sidetracked. For the first few minutes, I was just sitting there concentrating on my breathing. That was probably the most relaxing bit. Then coming out of that I started thinking about God, because thinking about breathing made me think about God designing us and making us, and how complicated a process even breathing is. Then I found myself thinking about other stuff - like school and so on and then when I realised that I’d got distracted I started using the Jesus prayer. That was very helpful, because saying the prayer did help come back to focusing on the breathing. Then for a while I started actually praying even though I wasn’t meant to, but all through I was concentrating on inhaling and exhaling, and that started affecting what I was praying for. So I prayed for all the usual stuff like friends, family and conflicts, and then I prayed for people who sometimes found it hard to breath, who had lung diseases and so on, and that led me on to praying for sick people in general.

I didn’t have an alarm handy, so I stopped when I thought I’d done 10 minutes but I think it was more like 7 or 8 minutes actually!

I will probably do this again, because at the end of the time I felt so peaceful and refreshed, like I’d just woken up from a really good sleep. After I got up I felt really relaxed and invigorated.